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1977: George Karelas begins as a boat builder at Kotroni Patron

1985: The company is stopping production of old fashion fishing boats and the new planning boats are introduced with the ability to plane with 15Hp

1987: The company is moving to New National Road and the brand name Karel Boats is established

1990: The range of boats for karel boats is increased with central console boats and 1 cabin 5,4

1997: The company moves to it own premises of 10 000 sq.m space at a new and modern shipyard at Diodorou street

2003: Nikolaos Karelas , graduate of Southampton Solent B.Eng Yacht and Powercraft Design Course and with work experience at Fletchers International and other shipyards at UK , joins the company. New methods and models are made with co-operation with famous British model makers and the range is being expanded.

2007: George Karelas the younger, is joining the company. Graduate of Patras economic course and with personal experience on boat construction as well , Karel boats today is building boats with aesthetics and function being improved depending on the market demands and our technical team experience.

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Διοδώρου 156, 26443 (Βελβίτσι - Πατρών)
Τηλέφωνο: 2610 422575
Fax: 2610 428212

Email: info@karelboats.gr


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