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KAREL 400V & 430V
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KAREL 400V & 430VKAREL 400V & 430VKAREL 400V & 430V
Length(max.): 4.00 m / 4.30 m
Βeam: 1.76 m / 1.76 m
Weight (approx.): 185 kgr / 210 kgr
HP max: 25HP / 25HP
Design Category: C
Persons: 4 / 5
Motor Shaft: Long

Karel 400V & 430V are the planing fishing boats which provide huge capabilities. Stable and spacious for every kind of fishing. Proof of their stability is the fact that they can not be capsized with 5 persons standing on one side..

Economical in fuel and with 15HP they can go up to 18 miles approx.

Special reinforced middle storage space with the hull which provides more watertight compartments and their self-bailing cockpit.

There is a central console availability and they are capable for water skiing from 25HP


Anchor locker, Perimetric Protective Rubber Moulding, central locker, bow cleat, 2 stern cleats and handles, bow trailer ring, self-bailing cockpit with drains Port and Starboard, Central Removable Seat, 4 wooden rowlocks.


Sun Tent (Canvas), 6 perimetric aluminium rails, Fiberglas Deck Covers, oars 2.5m, Central Console with windscreen, Steering System, Steering Wheel, Navigation Lights, upholstery.

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